How to stop the jailbreak certificate from getting revoked (UPDATED)

August 15, 2017

Hey, welcome to my first blog post, today i’ll show you how to stop the Yalu app and phoenix from getting revoked when you download them OTA (without computer) as you might know i’m hosting both of yalu and phoenix here: & and it’s cool to be able to jailbreak an idevice without the need of a computer like the old days (jailbreak-me way) but the only problem is that apple hate that and they try their best to stop it, so they revoke the used certificate (and sometimes it happens often because of some kids reporting the certificate to apple) anyway this not a problem anymore because today we have a fix. Great,so if you want it to last a year for you just add this repo: & install a package called nomorerevocations and BOOM you fixed this and now you’re safe even if apple revoke the certificate next time you’ll not be affected because basically this package once you install it, it automatically block on the hosts file which mean that your device can’t connect anymore to apple revocation server and that’s why you’re safe and the certificate will keep working until it’s expiry date like if the revocations didn’t happen (pangu used this method on 9.3.3 jailbreak that’s why it never stopped working untill the expiry date which mean that it lasted for a full year) and also i want to mention that this method is safer than the vpn profile method (but also it works only for jailbroken devices) If you are on iOS 7.0-8.4 on 64bit or on 6.0-9.3.5 on 32bit you must do this instead (the 9.2-9.3.3 Pangu jailbreaks does this by default) 1- Download iFile or Filza from Cydia 2- Go to /etc and open the hosts file in a text editor 3- At the end of it add this line:

4- Save the file. BTW i’m not the developer of that package or the owner of that repo it’s by @Jakeashacks so if you have more questions feel free to ask him! (hurry up and do it now while it’s signed because once it’s revoked it’s too late and you can’t rescue it) BTW this method doesn’t work for cydia impactor simply because the free dev certificate that impactor gives you expire on 7days and this method just block the revocation server and the problem with the impactor 7days cert is not revocation they just live 7 days and that’s it. (enterprise certs live 365days)


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